Memphis Sliding Menu


Memphis Sliding Menu

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Author: Bhaldie

Version: 2.0.2

Last Updated: 03-05-2016 3:10pm


Description Preview Versions

A sliding menu widget for all your WordPress pages. This plugin allows you to:

  • Choose which pages you want to display
  • Place the widget on any sidebar as many times as needed.

== Whats New in Version 2.0.2 =

  • Update – Tested with verison 4.5.
  • Fix – Minor bug fixes

== Whats New in Version 2.0 =

  • New – Menu creation has been changed, all current menus have been removed. Goto Dashboard>Appearance>Widgets>Memphis Sliding Menu to create a new WordPress menu.
  • Update – Testing up to version 4.4.
  • Update – Removed linkage with Memphis Custom Login.

Memphis Custom Login


Memphis Custom Login

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Author: Bhaldie

Version: 3.2.3

Last Updated: 03-05-2016 3:02pm


Description Preview Versions

A simple way to control your WordPress Login Page. After installation goto the ’Tools’ menu on the dashboard to customize your Login Page. You have the ability to change the look and feel of your WordPress blog, giving the login screen more of a personal touch. Very quick and easy to use features include:

  • SSL Enabled
  • Google Analytics Support for all page of your site including or not including login, admin and pages
  • Password Protected Blog
  • Custom Redirect after login
  • Full customizable Login Screen, with the ability to
  • Add Custom Logo
  • Change Background Colour
  • Change Text color
  • Change Link colours
  • Change Form Form background color, border color, border radius, shadow and more….
  • Hide Messaging
  • Hide back to blog link
  • hide register link/ forgot password link

== Whats New With Version 3.2.3 =

  • Fix – Minor bug fixes.
  • Update – Tested with version 4.5

== Whats New With Version 3.2.1 =

  • Fix – Minor bug fixes.

== Whats New With Version 3.2 =

  • New – BuddyPress profile page fix.

== Whats New With Version 3.1.1 =

  • Update – Small update to setting page

Memphis Documents Library


Memphis Documents Library

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Author: Bhaldie

Version: 3.4

Last Updated: 02-05-2016 2:02pm


Description Preview Versions

A documents library for WordPress.

= Whats New in Version 3.4 =

  • Update – Changed the right and permissions methodology.
  • Update – Bootstrap style updates.
  • Fix – Fixed issue with Site Origin plugin and Memphis Documents Library.
  • Fix – Fixed issue with contributors and downloading of files.
  • Fix – Fixed issue when added contributors.
  • Fix – Fixed issue with iris color pickers.

= Memphis Documents Library Features =

  • Document preview and thumbnails avaiable for most file types.
  • Batch Upload of files into the system
  • Upload media files that match WordPress’s white-list. This white-list is configurable from the WordPress menus.
  • Download tracking of media
  • Posts created for each new media upload, showing information of the specific file.
  • Version control, allows you to view and revise to older version of your file.
  • The ability to share you files on other websites.
  • Social media buttons for each document.
  • Referential file methodology. This allows for the updating of a file while the link remains the same.
  • Importing of document libraries into your current library, or just migrating to another website.
  • Exporting you documents libraries for safe backup and store, migration to another website or sharing with someone else.
  • The ability to create, edit and delete categories and subcategories.
  • Search for files using the WordPress search.
  • Customization of download button

= Feature Request =

  • Feature – Add FTP batch upload process.
  • Feature – Permissions in folders instead of each document independently.
  • Feature – Add the ability to add a link back to the mDocs documents list.
  • Feature – Add the ability to turn off ”No files found in this folder” text.
  • Feature – Editing security based on folders.
  • Feature – Group file with different types together. Eg if you have a PDF, e pub and mobi have then update the same document.
  • Feature – Make all folders older than X years private to our users, but they should remain active for our admins.
  • Feature – Upload a document, set it as ”hidden” and then schedule a future date for it to be become ”public”.
  • Feature – Bulk Delete/Hide/Move
  • Feature – Search shows only files that the specific user role has access too.
  • Feature – Added more level to categories.
  • Feature – In the Media tab find a way to display the category of the documents created by Memphis Documents.
  • Feature – Connect to Cloud Services (DropBox, SkyDrive, MediaFire, etc.)
  • Feature – Add the ability to change the path name and breadcrumb name.

= Whats New in Version 3.3.4 =

  • Update – Localization language updates.
  • Update – Changed to the way batch file options are display. Now are hidden by default.
  • Update – Changed the look of the Server Compatibility Check administration page.
  • Update – Changed the look of the Short Codes administration page.
  • Update – Changed the look of the Find Lost Files administration page.
  • Update – Minor updates and fixes.
  • Update – Deleted unused file.
  • Fix – Fixed and issue where users that were not logged in could not see the preview button.

= Whats New in Version 3.3.3 =

  • Fix – Minor bug fixes and improvements.

= Whats New in Version 3.3.2 =

  • New – Added improved localization support.
  • New – Added the ability to hide upload settings. [megecookie]
  • New – Added the ability to show current folder on top of document list [megacookie]
  • Update – NL translation updated [ megacookie ]
  • Fix – Fixed issue with the loading of the java script for Color picker
  • Fix – Other small bug fixes

= Whats New in Version 3.3.1 =

  • New – Added the ability to change the navbar background color and text color from the Setting menu.
  • Update – Style updates.
  • Fixes – Bootstrap dropdown button.
  • Fixes – Minor bug fixes and updates.

= Whats New in Version 3.3 =

  • New – Batch file management.
  • New – Now you can set an future dates on all files and post just by changing the date to a future one.
  • New – Added an new server compatibility check.
  • New – Added the ability to download older versions of files.
  • Update – Changed when file is updated, now will only update when a new file has been uploaded.
  • Update – Condensed bootstrap to fix a lot of style issue with many users. This should fix a lot of style issues.
  • Fix – Fixed issue with Google preview counting as download.
  • Fix – Fix issue with preview was showing in drop down menu when it was disabled in settings.
  • Fix – Fixed issue with File System Cleanup.
  • Fix – Fixed issue with version deletion.
  • Fix – Minor bug fixes and updates.

= Whats New in Version 3.1 =

  • Fix – Fixed issue with downloads not registering.

= Whats New in Version 3.2 =

  • Update – Update to the localization files.
  • Fix – Minor bug fixes

= Whats New in Version 3.1.6 =

  • Fix – Removed method to destroy session, too many users with session issues.
  • Fix – Security fix

= Whats New in Version 3.1.5 =

  • Fix – Changed method to destroy session.
  • Fix – Fixed an issue with google docs preview.

= Whats New in Version 3.1.4 =

  • New – Added another setting for dropdown menu issue using bootstrap.
  • New – Added a new setting to hide a mDocs post from the main page.
  • New – Added a destory session on login or logout.
  • Update – Changed the displayed output of the preview windows, made the preview window bigger.
  • Update – Changed the way a session is initialized.

= Whats New in Version 3.1.3 =

  • Update – Remove bot checking.
  • Bug – Fixed issue with the goto post button.
  • Bug – Added a fix for Twenty Sixteen theme.
  • Bug – Fixed bug prevented Box View updater to run.

= Whats New in Version 3.1.2 =

  • Bug – Fixed bug prevented Box View updater to run.

= Whats New in Version 3.1.1 =

  • New – Now you have the choice to use Google Document Preview or Box View.
  • Update – Removed a redundant css file.
  • Bug – Fixed Page Builder bug.

= Whats New in Version 3.1 =

  • New – Added thumbnail image for PDFs using Imagick.
  • Update – Removed Box view and reverted back to Google doc view.
  • Update – Added another server compatibility check, to see if WordPress upload directory is accessible.
  • Update – Added another server compatibility check, to test if ZipArchive is installed.
  • Update – Added another server compatibility check, to see if Imagick is installed.
  • Update – Minor changes and updates.
  • Bug – Fixed localization bug which didn’t allow uploading files when using translations.

= Whats New in Version 3.0.18 =

  • Update – Tested up to version 4.4.
  • Bug – Data check added, to fix minor issue with contributors.
  • Bug – Fixed capitalization bug when using import from one system to another.

= Whats New in Version 3.0.17 =

  • Update – Changed the color of the ’Add Main Folder’ Button.
  • Bug – More fixes to folder issues
  • Bug – Minor bug fixes.

= Whats New in Version 3.0.16 =

  • New – Fontawesome can now be turn off as a third party applications.
  • Bug – More fixes to folder navigation.
  • Bug – Changes made to file management.

= Whats New in Version 3.0.15 =

  • New – There is a new setting that will allow you to disable Memphis Docuements Library’s third party applications.
  • New – Added cyrillic to latin filename conversion, this convert cyrillic to a latin format.
  • New – Added a setting to turn off the ”No files found in this folder.” statement.
  • Bug – Changes some code around to try and address the folder linking issues.

= Whats New in Version 3.0.14 =

  • Update – Removed some debugging code.

= Whats New in Version 3.0.13 =

  • Update – Change the way modals open, now using pure javascript.
  • Bug – Fixed a bug when adding and removing folders.
  • Bug – Small fix to the batch uploader.
  • Bug – Fixed issue with contributors not being adding when uploading a new document.
  • Bug – Fixed some permission issues.

= What’s New With Version 3.0 =

  • New – Added an new test to server compatibility
  • New – Added a server compatibility module, to see if you have all required elements for mDocs to work properly.
  • New – Now can disable the ablity for users to sort documents
  • New – A setting is avaiable to have the mDocs Posts visible from the dashboard.
  • New – Added a file finder, to help retrieve lost files.
  • New – Added a tag editor to the uploader for new/updated documents.
  • New – Change the font size of the documents list.
  • New – Hide/Show sub folders when using shortcodes.
  • New – Added to new setting for changing font size and hiding and showing sub folders.
  • New – Now other user types can upload files to mDocs, with the ability to add other contributors to the files they own.
  • New – Look and feel has been updated.
  • New – Thumbnails of most documents now on the description page of each file.
  • New – Google Doc View has been replaced with Box Viewer API, this allows for some extra functionality not available with Google Docs.
  • New – The ability to change the Last Modified category of a file.
  • New – Added an option in the Settings to change the date format.
  • New – The ability to allow/deny user types access to Private Posts.
  • New – In the setting menu you can now choose the allowed file types.
  • New – A restore defaults option has been added this will restore Memphis Documents Library to its factory state, *WARNING all files and post will be deleted*.
  • New – Added a new button for files to refresh document preview
  • Update – Now can run Preview and Thumbnail updater at any time.
  • Update – More changes made to the ”mdocs-modals” class style.
  • Update – Language update.
  • Update – Small changes to the main style sheets.
  • Update – Changed some rights to see certain buttons.
  • Update – Added a mDocs tag to the body for theme style issue fixes.
  • Update – Added a class to all modals called ”mdocs-modals”.
  • Update – Added a mDocs class to a Bootstrap dropdown menu
  • Update – Removed unused Jquery UI javascript and css
  • Update – Fixed Bootstrap navbar issue.
  • Update – Remove some unused Bootstrap functionality.
  • Update – Updated Font Awesome to version 4.3.0
  • Update – Updated localization files.
  • Update – Uninstall will not remove all saved variables , posts, files, categories, and directories for a single WordPress Site and also WordPress Multisite.
  • Update – Change the way date modified is handle, was using an array value now using file date modified attribute.
  • Update – Updated localization files.
  • Update – Change $autoload functionality from yes to no for mdocs-list and mdocs-cats database entries.
  • Update – Added a catch for versions that check if file exists
  • Update – Added a catch for file upload errors using php 5.3 and higher.
  • Update – Fixed Box View preview window.
  • Update – Many other small updates
  • Bug – More fixes to import and export.
  • Bug – Minor fixes to the social media buttons.
  • Bug – Fixed date issue.
  • Bug – More fixes to import and export.
  • Bug – Minor fixes to the social media buttons.
  • Bug – Fixed date issue.
  • Bug – File size bug fix.
  • Bug – Improvements to the import export processes.
  • Bug – Fixed Allowed file types bug.
  • Bug – Fixed the date isssue when adding and updating documents.
  • Bug – Fixed some style issues.
  • Bug – Fixed some other small bugs.
  • Bug – More fixes to the folder editor.
  • Bug – Fix to specific dropdown menu issue, made by Cameron Barrett
  • Bug – Fixes to imports and exports.
  • Bug – Fixes to File System Cleanup
  • Bug – Fixes to Restore to Defaults
  • Bug – More fixes to downloads.
  • Bug – fixed settings checkboxes for non member downloads and show social apps.
  • Bug – Fixed php error on rights page.
  • Bug – Fixed a null session error when uploading a file.
  • Bug – Fixed, admin menu issue
  • Bug – Fixed, null reference to ’mdocs-view-private’
  • Bug – Error with javascript loading, if using WordPress Multisite network admin.
  • Bug – Fixed issue where Post Status was not displaying any statuses.
  • Bug – Batch upload was cutting of filenames with dots in them.
  • Bug – Fixed bug causing new installs to produce errors, these errors would correct themselves but very annoying for users to see.
  • Bug – Removed extra label tag in sort box which was cause issues in Firefox.
  • Bug – Fixed, Chrome bug, where file types that are allowed in WordPress are being blocked by Memphis Documents Library.
  • Bug – Fixed, when there are multiple categories on a page the get request fails to recognize each individual category.
  • Bug – Fixed issue when you delete a file then tried to add another file.
  • Bug – Fixed many other warning and noticed.
  • Rejected – Short-code to add a download link to a post or page.

= Whats New in Version 2.5 =

  • Fix – Added the style.css file to the admin page. Now the page will display the correct style.
  • Fix – Removed style.php and replaced it with style.css and used the WordPress function `wp_add_inline_style` to handle custom stylesheet changes.
  • Fix – Disabled the ability to view a private post if the user does not have the capabilities to.
  • Fix – Updated large list to reflect the addition of sub categories.
  • Fix – Removed unnecessary padding from the category tabs.
  • Update – Updated localization.
  • Update – Removed the sub folder on the right side of the documents list, seems unneeded.
  • Bug – Fixed loop bug, when a Memphis Documents post does not have the category mdocs-media. Now the result will be an output of the shortcode only.
  • Bug – Permalink setting fixed. Sub categories where not working when set to default WordPress permalink setting.
  • Bug – Javascript error with FireFox and IE. A undefined `event.preventDefault();` was causing Add Main Category to no function. Removing this line fixed the issue.

= Whats New in Version 2.4 =

  • fixed short code, not showing categories.
  • special character changes.
  • lots of bug fixes
  • optimization of code
  • Removed IE Compatiablity mode fix, this was causing too many header error. If you want to this functionality add this line to your theme header file, right under the <head> tag.
  • <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=11; IE=10; IE=9; IE=8; IE=7; IE=EDGE" />
  • Add the ability to change the color of the download button.
  • Fixed the rss feed bug
  • Fixed a look an feel issue with the sort box
  • More small fixes and updates

= Whats New in Version 2.3.2 =

  • possible hotfix to header issues
  • fix of google docs issues
  • privacy and protection updates
  • still working on child categories

= Whats New in Version 2.3.1 =

  • htaccess update
  • htaccess file editor in settings menu
  • fixed a file not fould error

= Whats New in Version 2.3 =

  • Batch file upload beta
  • List of avaible short codes
  • Document page options added
      • Default Content (Preview or Descriptions
      • Show/Hide (Preview and Description)

= Whats New in Version 2.2.2 =

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Small look and feel changes.
  • Moved the language files into there own folder

= Whats New in Version 2.2.1 =

  •  Changed the way preview works, added a preview button
  • Added default sort options

= Whats New in Version 2.2 =

  • Added the ability to preview documents instead of a description.
  • hot fix on the uninstall issue. I hope this will solve the problem.

= Whats New in Version 2.1.1 =

  • fixed some headers already sent issues.

= Whats New in Version 2.1 =

  • added a rating system
  • code cleanup
  • browser capatiablity fixes
  • updated the language file

= Whats New in Version 2.0.2 =

  • ie compatibility mode fix.
  • Minor html fixes. Thanks for the reports thibodeaux and ghalusa.
  • Added a new or updated banner.
  • Can now run a filesystem check to clean up and unwanted files or data.
  • Can now sort files by any of the categories this sort option is saved for the session of the user.
  • Restricted access to the file directory, now only Memphis Documents has access to the files. Directory link to the files is denied.
  • Added a setting menu with the following options
  • Change size of file list on both the site and dashboard
  • Hide our show certain fields of the file.
  • Hide/Show all files from everybody or just non-members
  • Hide/Show all post from everybody or just non-members
  • Hide/Show new and updated banner
  • Determine the lenght in days to display the new or update banner
  • Updated the translation file.

Show Hidden

Show Hidden

4.5 Stars (2)


Author: Bhaldie

Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 27-11-2015 9:05am


Description Preview Versions

A application for turning off and on hidden files on a Mac.



4 Stars (2)


Author: Bhaldie

Version: 1.1

Last Updated: 27-11-2015 9:05am


Description Preview Versions

A embedded flash video player.