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  1. Adam

    Hi Ian,
    Not sure if this is the channel for bug reporting but here it goes.
    I have your awesome plugin on a couple of sites I run, and have noticed a potential bug.

    Basically, the modals’ html is being injected into wp_head and is interfering with other plugins.
    Looking through the code: /memphis-documents-library/includes/mdcs-settings.php ~ line 210 mdocs_document_ready_wp()

    Sorry if this has already been captured.

    1. Bhaldie Post author

      Yes you can report bug here 🙂

      Yes I see that… I will have to find a new place to load the modals. Thanks for the report I should have a solution for this asap.

  2. Stephen Summers

    Hi Ian,

    When I try to upload a document I now get the following message. {“mdocs-categories”:null,”post-tags”:””,”gmdate”:”16-10-2017 1:02″}. I can close this box that shows up, and upload fine but it is annoying to have pop up every time. A few thoughts….I redid the website on a staging server and synced it back to production. The other detail is that the actual page to fill out information of the document I am uploading has the box “Version” with a red line around it, and it is version 1.0. Hope you can help.

    The library is backend, so if you need access to view let me know.

  3. Hans

    Hello Ian,

    I get next error:

    Warning: array_push() expects parameter 1 to be array, string given in /home/vzi/ on line 845

    since last week (after update??)

    What could this be?


    1. Bhaldie Post author

      it’s just a warning, but it is weird that the query is return null. What the array should be is a list of post_types. You do have posts on your site right?

      1. Hans


        it has worked well but after a message of a visitor that he had troubles with bbPress-forum I saw the error.
        After disabling your plugin the bbPress-forum worked well again.

        Version is installed

    1. Bhaldie Post author

      No I don’t do paid work.. this is a hobby of my and I work at my own pace. Search is on my list of things to do but I have no timeframe it will be ready.

  4. LJA

    Great plugin! really useful 😀
    sorry to disturb, but i have two problem:
    in particular:
    “mdocs_display_description” function does not exist.
    “mdocs_display_real_author” function does not exist.
    I know i just have to add the corresponding function, and i already found “where” to do it, but i am still not used to php and cannot find how to say “show the description of the current doc!” so please…can you help me? thanks!

    my second doubt is about folders: every time i click on a folder in the site document view, it refreshes the whole page: is there a way to make it “refresh” only the widget, or something like that?

    Really thank you, hope to hear from you soon and close this last feature of my requested site soon after!

    1. Bhaldie Post author

      For you first issue. This can be turn off if you goto mDocs dashboard > Options > Settings > Displayed File Information > and uncheck Show Description and Show Author.

      I will have a fix soon for this issue but until then use this method.

      as for the second issue, there is no plans to added this methodology to mdocs.. I will add it to the feature request this thou.

  5. Carlos Lander

    Hello How’re you? thanks for your work
    Sorry for bothering you… but I’m encountering this error everytime I upload a file, How can I fix it?

    Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /htdocs/clickandbuilds/wp-content/plugins/memphis-documents-library/includes/mdocs-post-page.php on line 52

    1. Bhaldie Post author

      this is just a warning and should not cause file uploads to break. But the issue is related to the mdocs post, have you altered the mdocs applications code in any way?

  6. Floyd

    I absolutely love this plugin. The only problem I have is the short code [mdocs single-file="Enter the file name."]
    I have tried using the File Name I gave the document [mdocs single-file="TLF Humanitarian Grant Application"]
    and the actual filename [mdocs single-file="TLF_HumanitarianGrantApplication.pdf"]
    I get error on the page that says “No files found in this folder.” Does the file name need to be the entire URL of the file?

  7. Frans van Santbrink


    The plugin is good however when I go to the settings and change any setting upon saving it gives the following error:
    Apologies, but the page you requested could not be found. Perhaps searching will help.

    I am logged in as administrator. and the file is there actually.

  8. Mariano

    Hi Ian,

    Is there a way of avoiding Memphis Documents Library becoming the front/home page for the site? I’m using WordPress 4.8.1 with Sydney theme 1.41, and if I activate this plugin, it automatically sets the home page to be a list of the documents uploaded to Memphis Documents Library database; if I then deactivate it, the home page returns to its original.

    I think your plugin is great but I just want to keep my original home page. I’ve looked through Memphis Documents Library and Sydney theme settings but couldn’t find a way to avoid that effect. Many thanks in advance.

  9. Jimmy Hemmingsson

    Have problem when i like to add a new document.
    When i hit the red button “Add New Document” a new window appears, so far so good..

    But, on the top of the new window it just says “loading…”
    Under the loading text i get couple of fields “File name, Folder, version, etc etc.. ”
    Under the description field its two buttons, “Close” and one small with blue color (no text inside)..

    I fill in all the information and attach the file… But i cant finish the process.. if i hit the blue button it closes the window without adding the file, and off course if i hit the close button, same result..

    Pls help!

    1. Bhaldie Post author

      This means there is javascript errors. Please open a browser inspector and look for any errors that are occurring and then report them back here.

  10. Shyju


    Thanks for the wonderful work.
    I don’t need to show all post uploaded..instead i want to show only post of last five according to date.
    How to set that. any short-code?

  11. Rochelle

    I am having an issue for the file downloading by way of the download button on the UI. But if I take the URL displayed and refresh it the document becomes available for download. Can you please help me to figure out what I can do so the object (document) can be downloaded. is the link to my website were you can try it.

    Thank you

    1. Bhaldie Post author

      I took a look at your site and it seems your site redirect every click even to an ajax call. The file did open in an XHR page but could not be downloaded. Can I ask why you need to have ajax calls for every link on your site?

  12. Ellie Nowels

    I am taking over maintaining the site of a non-profit that uses Memphis documents. I am working on setting up backups of the site and I don’t see how to back up the documents library. I compared the document library to the uploads folder of the manual backup I did, and the Memphis documents are not there. How do I do a backup of these important documents?

    1. Bhaldie Post author

      all files are located under the normal upload folder, whatever it was set to then mdocs/. So for example /the/upload/folder/mdocs/

    1. Bhaldie Post author

      there is no current eta on this feature… I’m not really doing any new stuff right now but hope to get to new features soon.

    2. gabriel moreiradasilva

      I am in the process of evaluating your plugin to use in an intranet site.
      I would like to upload a series of documents to be viewed from the Documents folder without making a blog post.
      Is it possible to upload a document to be listed/view able/downloadable in the Library of Documents, without automatically placing a blog post?
      If so, what is the process to accomplish this?
      Thanks for your help

      1. Bhaldie Post author

        you can’t stop the creation of post but you can hide post from people from the mdocs Options > Settings menu.


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