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  1. vincent


    It seems there is conflict with Memphis Documents Library and woocommerce.
    “add to cart” disappears for variable product.

    No possible to select variation nor “add to cart”.
    No problem found for simple product.

    If I deactivate Memphis Documents Library, then variable product appears OK to add to cart.

    How can i solve that ?

  2. Peter Barus

    Having cleared the cache, we’re having a problem with the popup menu “preview” function, which now doesn’t do anything. However, other things work now that did not: we can now click on a file name in the blog list that resides in Memphis, and instead of a 404 or 403 error, a different page opens with the one file, that has a preview tab, and that usually works. Can you help?

  3. Ian

    First thing to say is, brilliant plug-in.
    I have a simple query relating to a problem I have. I have an uploaded file which has a typo in the filename which I want to correct. Obviously I can rename the file at source but how can I update the reference to that file within the plug-in (under the hood, if needed). The key thing is, is I don’t want any of the statistics (i.e. download count) to change so I’m nervous to just upload a new version of the file. I want the fix to be completely invisible, so to speak.
    Any help appreciated.

        1. Bhaldie Post author

          open the file mdocs-patches.php below line 3 add this:

          update_option('mdocs-displayed-file-info', array());

          goto setting page and press save.

          once saved open the mdocs-patches.php file again and remove the previous line.

  4. Peter Barus

    how edit the “owner” and “author” fields? I am not the owner, just the admin setting up the system.
    I set un-checked “owner” and use “author”, but nothing appears there, and I can’t find where to input.

    1. Bhaldie Post author

      goto mdocs settings > Document List Configuration uncheck Owner and check author. then goto Displayed File Properties and check Show upload author


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