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Version: 3.2.9

Last Updated: 11.04.2019 10:26


A simple way to control your WordPress Login Page. After installation goto the ’Tools’ menu on the dashboard to customize your Login Page. You have the ability to change the look and feel of your WordPress blog, giving the login screen more of a personal touch. Very quick and easy to use features include:

  • SSL Enabled
  • Google Analytics Support for all page of your site including or not including login, admin and pages
  • Password Protected Blog
  • Custom Redirect after login
  • Full customizable Login Screen, with the ability to
  • Add Custom Logo
  • Change Background Colour
  • Change Text color
  • Change Link colours
  • Change Form Form background color, border color, border radius, shadow and more….
  • Hide Messaging
  • Hide back to blog link
  • hide register link/ forgot password link

== Whats New With Version 3.2.9 =

  • Update – Tested up to version 5.1.1

== Whats New With Version 3.2.8 =

  • Update – Moved initialization of document ready script.
  • Update – Updated Google Analytics link.
  • Update – Remove reference to get_bloginfo().
  • Bug – Fixed issue inline style.

== Whats New With Version 3.2.7 =

  • Bug – Fixed issue with array keys.
  • Bug – Fixed issue with Custom Logo Position Left.

== Whats New With Version 3.2.6 =

  • Update – Tested with version 4.7

== Whats New With Version 3.2.4 =

  • Update – Tested with WordPress version 4.6
  • Fix – Wrong font size in customized login settings

== Whats New With Version 3.2.3 =

  • Fix – Minor bug fixes.
  • Update – Tested with version 4.5

== Whats New With Version 3.2.1 =

  • Fix – Minor bug fixes.

== Whats New With Version 3.2 =

  • New – BuddyPress profile page fix.

== Whats New With Version 3.1.1 =

  • Update – Small update to setting page

8 thoughts on “Memphis Custom Login

    1. Bhaldie Post author

      Can you give me a little more detail on the issue. What exactly is happening when you try to upload a file or export.

      1. Jim Anderson

        When uploading I can see the percentage of the file being uploaded but it will not show in the folder so unable to read or download, when trying to export I have left it up to an hour with no results.

        When downloading files from the website we get:-
        This site can’t be reached
        The web page at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

        You can see this at on the 2nd and 3rd files

        1. Bhaldie Post author

          check your apache server logs they might have more information as to why your server is timing out. Also goto mdocs dashboard and run the “Test Server Compatiability Check”

  1. norm

    How do you restrict the number of downloads per user? For instance, I want to restrict the user to only 5 document downloads per day?


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