Memphis Documents Library


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Version: 3.10.10

Last Updated: 14.05.2020 9:44


A Documents Library for WordPress.

= Frontend Upload Button Just Released =

Finally it is here the frontend upload file button. Head over to to get all the details:

= Creating a Box API Developer Key for Memphis Documents Library =

= Whats New in Version 3.10.10 =

  • Update – Added another condition to the preview options.
  • Bug – Fixed issue admin page upload redirect.
  • Bug – Removed var_dump

= Memphis Documents Library Features =

  • Document preview and thumbnails avaiable for most file types.
  • Batch Upload of files into the system
  • Upload media files that match WordPress’s white-list. This white-list is configurable from the WordPress menus.
  • Download tracking of media
  • Posts created for each new media upload, showing information of the specific file.
  • Version control, allows you to view and revise to older version of your file.
  • The ability to share you files on other websites.
  • Social media buttons for each document.
  • Referential file methodology. This allows for the updating of a file while the link remains the same.
  • Importing of document libraries into your current library, or just migrating to another website.
  • Exporting you documents libraries for safe backup and store, migration to another website or sharing with someone else.
  • The ability to create, edit and delete categories and subcategories.
  • Search for files using the WordPress search.
  • Customization of download button

= Feature Request =

  • Feature – Have the ability to define sort options per folder.
  • Feature – Add max file size configuration settings.
  • Feature – Shrink and expand folders.
  • Feature – Shortcode take parameters to be able to hide version/last mod/etc.
  • Feature – Apply a hierarchical structure to files in the folderAccessibility
  • Feature – One file added into multiple folders.
  • Feature – Have the ability to comment on documents and have the owner notified what changes need to be made to the file.
  • Feature – Change the font size of the folders or have them in a gallery like format.
  • Feature – Have a shortcode to display all files by tag.
  • Feature – Add a print button.
  • Feature – Have the ability to create a custom sort order.
  • Feature – Custom input fields.
  • Feature – Restrict file download by user or role.
  • Feature – Permissions in folders instead of each document independently.
  • Feature – Add the ability to add a link back to the mDocs documents list.
  • Feature – Added more level to categories.
  • Feature – Add the ability to change the path name and breadcrumb name.
  • Feature – Exposing filepath for indexing website via ElasticSearch.
  • Feature – Prettified HTML preview.
  • Feature – Add folder structure to the mdocs post page.
  • Feature – Password protected files.
  • Feature – have a button that will add shortcode directly in editing posts.
  • Feature – Have the post open in a modal instead of going to the page directly.
  • Feature – Added categories and tags to batch edit.
  • Feature – Add number of files in each folder.
  • Feature – Add the ability to sort by filename.
  • Feature – Reordering of the dropdown list.
  • Feature – Add thumbnail support to table view.
  • Feature – Right click dropdown menu.
  • Feature – Frontend uploader have a redirect for non logged in users.
  • Feature – Add active state to to navbar menu.
  • Feature – Toogle the numbers beside each line in all widgets.
  • Feature – Print button on Box preview.

= Whats New in Version 3.10.9 =

  • Update – Added another condition to the preview options.
  • Bug – Fixed issue admin page upload redirect.

= Whats New in Version 3.10.8 =

  • Bug – Fixed issue with blank author field in ’Manage File’.

= Whats New in Version 3.10.7 =

  • Update – Update to date with WordPress version 5.4
  • Update – $num_td variable set to zero.
  • Bug – Added new setting for redirect issue. Options > Settings > System Settings > Redirect is Blank

= Whats New in Version 3.10.6 =

  • Update – Updated JavaScript to latest methodology.
  • Bug – Made change to action of upload button, hopefully will fix the 404 redirect error.
  • Bug – Fixed issue with font clipping in upload modal.

= Whats New in Version 3.10.5 =

  • Bug – Fixed notice issue on setting page.
  • Bug – Fixed issue with m icon not showing for some users.
  • Bug – Fixed install issue.
  • Bug – Fixed a plugin activation warning.

= Whats New in Version 3.10.4 =

  • Bug – Fixed issue with permissions of image previews.

= Whats New in Version 3.10.3 =

  • Bug – Fixed issue with permissions and user roles being able to upload files.

= Whats New in Version 3.10.2 =

  • Bug – Notice error remove on preview.
  • Bug – Permissions for files fixed in Dashboard editing view.
  • Bug – More permission fixes.
  • Bug – Localization variable index fixed.

= Whats New in Version 3.10.1 =

  • Update – Minor changes to Thumbnail plugin.
  • Update – Changed the way ob_start functions when it comes to download. Hopefully will address download issue with some users..

= Whats New in Version 3.10 =

  • New – Added a Insert button at the top of add file or add folder shortcode interface.
  • Update – Security fixes.
  • Update – Minor changes to uninstall file.
  • Update – Minor changes to import process.
  • Update – Translation update.
  • Update – Removed compatibility test.
  • Update – Updated versions file
  • Update – Updated to the thumbnail plugin.
  • Update – Minor change to java script function call.

= Whats New in Version 3.9.20 =

  • Update – Removed Google Plus.
  • Bug – Fixed issue with multiple share buttons on one page.
  • Bug – Fixed issue with frontend upload and file status, will now save the file as private.
  • Bug – Fixed issue with description sorting.
  • Bug – Removed some warnings and notices.

= Whats New in Version 3.9.19 =

  • Bug – Fixed issue with mdocs columns, you will have to reconfigure the Document list again.

= Whats New in Version 3.9.18 =

  • New – Restore default will now save the file structure by default.
  • New – Added new feature to widget, will now show all files no matter what the state is.
  • New – New setting for widget to hide the column titles.
  • New – Added error reporting to frontend upload.
  • New – Removed most of the curl methods, now using the WordPress wp_remote_request method.
  • Update – Minor changes to restore to default module.
  • Update – Minor style changes to mDocs widgets.
  • Update – Added all search filters to the WordPress ”init” action.
  • Update – Minor changes to widgets.
  • Bug – Fixed issue with Box API and file deletion.
  • Bug – Fixed issue with widget option ”Hide Widget Numbers” the setting was backwards.
  • Bug – Removed used variables in file delete method.
  • Bug – Fixed issue with error reporting on upload.

= Whats New in Version 3.9.17 =

  • Update – Added new function for debugging.
  • Update – Cap check on role admin.
  • Update – Minor update to donate button..

= Whats New in Version 3.9.16 =

  • Update – Moved the shortcode buttons into the tinymce editor, now they are in a drop down menu with the m icon. This is preparation for WordPress 5.0.
  • Update – Added the mdocs class to mDocs posts.
  • Update – Checks admins capabilities to make sure they are correct.
  • Update – Minor update to the export tool.
  • Bug – Fixed issue with mDocs loading properly on the homepage.
  • Bug – More updates to the way table information is loaded.
  • Bug – Fixed shortcode issue with Post Status.
  • Bug – Cleaned up some php notices.
  • Bug – Fixed issue with widgets and non logged in users. Files will now only be hidden when you make the file private.
  • Bug – Fixed issue with viewing of private files.
  • Bug – Minor bug repaired in File Lost Files.

= Whats New in Version 3.9.15 =

  • Update – Moved the shortcode buttons into the tinymce editor, now they are in a drop down menu with the m icon. This is preparation for WordPress 5.0.
  • Update – Added the mdocs class to mDocs posts.
  • Bug – Fixed issue with mDocs loading properly on the homepage.
  • Bug – More updates to the way table information is loaded.
  • Bug – Fixed shortcode issue with Post Status.

= Whats New in Version =

  • New – Added new table column file type.
  • Update – Removed all session data.
  • Update – the shortcode
    Name Downloads Version Author Last Modified Rating

    No files found in this folder.

    now accepts the variable “hide_folder”. This will allow users to still use the old cat variable and have the ability to hide and show folders.
  • Update – Fixed upload form resubmit issue.
  • Update – Removed form tag from shortcode buttons.
  • Bug – Fixed undefined variable in post pages.
  • Bug – Modification to the memphis-documents-rtl.min.css file.
  • Bug – small fix to html markup.
  • Bug – Fixed issue with frontend upload variable.

= Whats New in Version 3.9.12 =

  • Update – Did some work with cyrillic and batch uploads.
  • Update – Korean language download update.
  • Bug – Fixed issue with table widths not saving.

= Whats New in Version 3.9.10 =

  • New – mDocs table now has option to change size of columns. Look under the Display file information in Settings.
  • Update – Minor update to folders.
  • Update – Updated disable bootstrap dashboard now includes post editor.
  • Update – Update to description and preview style.
  • Bug – Fixed small issue with slashes and folders.

= Whats New in Version 3.9.9 =

  • New – Can now change the layout of items in the mdocs table. For example you can move the version column to the front or back. Head to the setting menu to configure.
  • Update – Small change to the css dealing with the files checkbox in the dashboard.
  • Update – Updated the ShortCode list page.
  • Update – Version table now inline with normal mDocs table.
  • Update – Minor changes to css.
  • Bug – Fixed issue with cursor and Manage Versions.
  • Bug – Fixed missing downloads icon.

= Whats New in Version 3.9.8 =

  • Update – Removed important in tables.
  • Bug – Removed the var_dump in the rights file.
  • Bug – Fixed issue when version manager closes.

= Whats New in Version 3.9.7 =

  • Update – Added a cache buster to all mDocs scripts and styles.
  • Bug – Fixed issue with privacy and preview.
  • Bug – Fixed some missing or change Font Awesome icons..

= Whats New in Version =

  • Update – Share button on post page colour change and smaller.
  • Update – Added the new or updated label on the post page.
  • Bug – Fixed issue with preview not working.
  • Bug – Fixed issue with loading of java script.
  • Bug – Fixed issue issue with new and updated banner and label.
  • Bug – Removed alert message.

= Whats New in Version 3.9.6 =

  • New – Added a new button ”Add mDocs Folder” to the content editor of posts and pages.
  • New – Added a new button ”Add mDocs File” to the content editor of posts and pages.
  • New – All clicks on folders and sorts options now refresh the table div not the entire page.
  • Update – Updated to Font Awesome 5.2.0.
  • Update – Modified the box view show download and print link.
  • Update – Added collapse to custom bootstrap.
  • Update – Replace the file mdocs-categories.php with mdocs-folders.php.
  • Bug – Fixed issue with private files and widgets.
  • Bug – Fixed position issue with Upload File button.
  • Bug – Fixed issue with upload button shortcode.
  • Bug – Fixed issue the version control.
  • Bug – Minor bug fixes.

= Whats New in Version 3.9.5 =

  • New – Added a print and download button to the box preview.
  • New – Toggle the index numbers for mDocs widgets.
  • Update – Updated ALL version icons.
  • Update – Update to the error message location and style.
  • Bug – Removed file name from version model, if the check box is checked ”Hide File Name”.
  • Bug – Deletion of incorrect file should be corrected in this version.

= Whats New in Version 3.9.4 =

  • Update – Updates to css.
  • Bug -Fixed style issue.
  • Bug – Fixed permission issue.
  • Bug – Fixed undefined variable issue..

= Whats New in Version 3.9.3 =

  • Update – Cleaned up some css.
  • Update – Style changes to mDocs widgets.
  • Bug – Fixed permission issue.

= Whats New in Version 3.9.2 =

  • Update – Changed icon for version.
  • Update – Added code to initialize the shortcode mdocs_media_attachment, will not be seen when looking at a media post now.
  • Bug – Small fix to patch 3.8.6.
  • Bug – Removed the extra donate button from the setting page.

= Whats New in Version 3.9.1 =

  • New – Added a link to frontend upload button help in the shortcode menu.
  • Bug – Fixed issue with null array when adding or updating a file.
  • Bug – Fixed some minor permission issues.
  • Bug – Fixed issue with frontend uploader not initializing.
  • Bug – Removed bug that prevented normal users from uploading files from frontend.

= Whats New in Version 3.9 =

  • New – Added the ability to upload files from the front end by using the shortcode check the shortcode manual under options for more details.
  • New – Four new capabilities added, allow to upload frontend, batch edit, batch move and batch delete can now be assigned to specific roles.
  • Update – Change the word ”File Name” to ”Title” in the upload modal.
  • Update – Added the localization text for the work ”Download”.
  • Update – Updated user capabilities to reflex new roles and caps settings.
  • Update – Updated the style of the error/info text area.
  • Update – Minor bootstrap style updates to the Add/Update Document modal.
  • Update – Minor changes to the bootstrap.css file.

= Whats New in Version =

  • Update – Spelling mistakes fixed.
  • Update – Update to some saved variables.
  • Update – Updated Latin translation function.
  • Update – Localization of mDocs saved options.
  • Update – Style issue fixed.
  • Bug – Fixed issue with saving variables.
  • Bug – Fixed issue with recreating of mDocs Page.
  • Bug – Removed unused constants.

= Whats New in Version 3.8.6 =

  • New – Added new capability ”Manage Options”, which allows a user to manage options but not settings.
  • Update – Setting page minor style changes.
  • Bug – Fixed Issue with roles and capabilities.
  • Bug – Fixed issue with creation of unwanted mDocs page.
  • Bug – Added values to empty em and i tags.

= Whats New in Version 3.8.5 =

  • Update – Changed the access to the export file.
  • Bug – Fixed issue with contributors not being able to see files.

= Whats New in Version 3.8.4 =

  • New – Added colors to the batch upload logs.
  • New – Can now hide the footer of the Documents List.
  • Update – Description text is now searchable.
  • Update – Added title text to all icons in mdocs files list.
  • Update – Removed unwanted slashes from filename.
  • Update – Added a clearfix style to the new and updated banner.
  • Update – Style update to new and updated label.
  • Bug – Fixed issue with widget displaying no data.
  • Bug – Fixed issue with search on multisite, special thanks to @jyria for their work.
  • Bug – Fixed download issues for some users.

= Whats New in Version 3.8.3 =

  • Update – More updates to widgets.
  • Update – Update to the unsupported preview text output for local preview.
  • Update – Minor changes to the mdocs style.
  • Bug – Fixed an issue on when to display files in file list.

= Whats New in Version 3.8.2 =

  • Bug – Fixed issue with modals loading on incorrect pages.
  • Bug – Fixed issue with Top Download widget..

= Whats New in Version 3.8 =

  • New – Box API version 2.0 is now live, you will have to create a new ”Primary Access Token” in order for the view to work.
  • New – Changed words in file upload windows, File Status – Hidden is now File Status – Private. No change to the underlying features.
  • New – Removed Google Preview. You will now have the choice of local preview or Box View.
  • Update – Updated the style of all mdocs widgets, more inline with standard practice.
  • Update – More accessibility updates.
  • Update – Remove unneeded text in Direct Download URL.
  • Bug – Fixed issue with Twitter sharing.
  • Bug – Security Fixes.

= Whats New in Version =

  • New – Added thumbnail support for mDocs Post, themes must have this activated for this functionality to work.
  • New – Improved accessibility compliance.
  • New – Added the ability to change the file highlight colors.
  • Update – Added a key exist check for mdocs-cateogories.
  • Update – Removed double post tile from mDocs post page.
  • Update – Minor change to how the role is displayed in ”Allow to Upload” and ”Private File Post Viewing”.
  • Bug – Fixed issue with added more than one contributor at a time.
  • Bug – Fixed issue post rights.
  • Bug – Fixed issue with sorting and null indexes found.
  • Bug – Fixed issue with Table View Settings.
  • Bug – Fixed issue with ”Add New Document” button.
  • Bug – Fixed issue ”FInd Lost Files” module.

= Whats New in Version 3.7.3 =

  • New – Added code to remove the social scripts if not in use.
  • New – You can now delete the Documents page without it recreating itself over and over again.
  • New – Added the ability to add excerpts to your mDocs posts.
  • New – Added new file information ”File Size”, this is off by default.
  • Update – More permission changes.
  • Update – Change the label ’Author’ to ’Owner’ on the mDocs post page.
  • Update – Prettified the file sizes.
  • Update – Removed an unwanted variable.
  • Bug – Fixed bbpress bug where there was a warning about a string.
  • Bug – Fixed issue with setting page and a null value.
  • Bug – Removed redundant mdocs_load_modals function.
  • Bug – Fix issue with search functionality.
  • Bug – Fixed issue with null object.
  • Bug – Minor fix to mDocs post page.

= Whats New in Version =

  • Bug – Remove alert in javascript.

= Whats New in Version =

  • Bug – Fixed html issue.
  • Bug – Fixed user rights issue.

= Whats New in Version 3.7.2 =

  • New – Added an author and description to the list of items in the file list table.
  • Update – Change of function name get_the_mdoc_by to mdocs_get_file_by.
  • Update – Minor modifications to the social functions.
  • Update – Changed get attribute from att to mdocs-att.
  • Bug – Fixed php version issues.
  • Bug – Security updates.

= Whats New in Version 3.7.1 =

  • New – Add the ability to added WordPress categories to your mDocs posts.
  • New – Added a FTP batch upload.
  • New – Export has option to manually delete system temp directory export file.
  • Update – Minor improvements to the import feature.
  • Update – More changes to how session data is handled.
  • Update – Changes to date time functionality.
  • Update – Removed function mdocs_get_inline_admin_css.
  • Update – Removed output check.
  • Update – Security update.
  • Bug – Fixed issue with search functionality.

= Whats New in Version 3.7 =

  • New – Added a session check.
  • Update – Removed redundant file.
  • Bug – Added a catch for no file extension when importing.
  • Bug – Security fixes.

= Whats New in Version 3.6.23 =

  • New – Added mDocs id information to preview iframe.
  • Update – Added a function check for session_status.
  • Update – When adding a file type any ”.” will be removed, also the file extension will be converted to lowercase.
  • Bug – fixed issue with import and file extension that are capitalized.
  • Bug – Fixed issue with TinyMCE not showing certain buttons like bullet list.

= Whats New in Version 3.6.21 =

    • New – Added new file type tif
    • New – Remove the title from all mdocs widgets.
    • New – Added woocommerce support.
    • Update –  All file extension will be converted to lowercase for icon check function is run.
    • Update – Font Awesome will now be disabled in the dashboard when disabled from the setting menu.
    • Update – Added localization text for widget titles.
    • Update – Made some minor changes to how update to revision works.
    • Update – Added .mdocs-tooltip .btn-group { font-size:inherit !important;} to mDocs stylesheet.
    • Bug – More security fixes.

= Whats New in Version 3.6.21 =

    • New – Added a new sanitize function check sanitizing strings.
    • Update – Updated widgets to be compatible with PHP 7+.
    • Update – Updated the way sanitation for arrays are handled.
    • Update – Removed unwanted link information from the share modal.
    • Update – Changed the way sessions are handle.
    • Update – Added an ignore if user doesn’t exists when importing files.

= Whats New in Version 3.6.20 =

        • Update – Changed how description finds mdocs id.
        • Update – Added a function check for the tooltip() function in the dashboard.
        • Update – Removed class small from Memphis css.
        • Bug – Fixed issue with Firefox and space characters in a file name.

= Whats New in Version 3.6.19 =

          • Update – File names will no longer be aloud to use commas.
          • Update – New image and pdf uploads will no longer create thumbnail images.
          • Bug – Fixed issue with import and the addition of posts and media items.

= Whats New in Version 3.6.18 =

          • Bug – Added a missing comma to a substr function thanks @codeward
          • Bug – Fixed issue with mdocs dashboard not displaying the proper folder link.

= Whats New in Version 3.6.17 =

          • New – Can set the Goto Post link to open in new tab or not set.
          • New – Added version to the advance search functionality.
          • Update – Change the way mdocs loads its headers.
          • Bug – Fixed issue with the loading of bootstrap tooltip and some sites.

= Whats New in Version =

          • Feature – When using WordPress search, file name, name and owner will now find matching results.
          • Feature – Added icons to files to show owners and administrators what the status of the file and post is.
          • Bug – Fixed issue with grid view of media module showing mdocs media.
          • Bug – Cleaned up links in widgets.
          • Bug – Fixed issue with an uncaught error.

= Whats New in Version 3.6.14 =

          • Feature – Added a new short code for showing one file on any post, page or widget.
          • Update – minor style change to file type icons.
          • Update – Cleaned up permalink for goto post.
          • Bug – Fixed issue with import making every post a draft.
          • Bug – Fixed issue with mime types.
          • Bug – Fixed issue with widgets not sorting properly.

= Whats New in Version 3.6.13 =

          • Feature – Added an error code output for zip errors.
          • Feature – Removed some unneeded data in the mdocs-post.
          • Update – Tested with version 4.7.
          • Update – Changed style of more admin modules.
          • Bug – Fixed an issue with the correct date and time when viewing versions.

= Whats New in Version 3.6.12 =

          • Feature – Add a robust ”Unauthorized to download file” page.
          • Update – Changes some admin screen styles.
          • Update – Removed extra slashes from mdocs file title.

= Whats New in Version 3.6.11 =

          • Feature –  Added contributor adding and removal from the batch edit tool.
          • Feature – Added a new server compatibility check to see if the systems temp directory is available to php.
          • Update – Changed error messaging in batch upload module.
          • Update – Changed the layout of the batch upload module.
          • Bug – Language fixes.
          • Bug – Fixed issue with disabling non members checkbox, causing documents to be not downloadable from non members by default.

= Whats New in Version 3.6.10 =

          • Bug – Language fixes.
          • Bug–  Fixed issue with contributors.
          • Bug – Fixed style problem with contributor editor.

= Whats New in Version 3.6.9 =

          • Feature – Unfortunately it has come to my attention the Box is no longer allowing the creation of Box View applications keys.  This means that new users to mDocs will not be able to use the Box Viewer as an alternative to Google.  I am looking at alternatives but currently there is no solution.
          • Bug – Fixed issue with download button and logged in users.

= Whats New in Version 3.6.8 =

          • Bug – Fixed download issue with non members.

= Whats New in Version 3.6.7 =

          • Update – Now fully with WordPress Translate.  There is currently one translation complete and one in progress.  Thanks to @gsavix for the Brazil transaltion and @hyrules for both french translations.
          • Update – Added a safe guard if you disable bootstrap in the dashboard, the setting menu will be added as a sub menu to the Memphis Docs tab.
          • Update – Style clean up and refinement.

= Whats New in Version 3.6.6 =

          • Feature – Added the ability to turn off bootstrap in the dashboard.
          • Update – changed the css to add a cursor pointer to the sort text buttons.
          • Bug – Fixed issue with premalinks and the sort buttons, not displaying the right page.

= Whats New in Version 3.6.5 =

          • New – Added a new setting, converts Cyrillic, European and Georgian characters in file names to Latin characters.
          • Update – Remove widget style, now it is up to the users theme to determine what the widgets style is.
          • Bug – Fixed capital letter bug.
          • Bug – Fixed file names with spaces bug.
          • Bug – Fixed accent bug.

= Whats New in Version 3.6.4 =

          • Update – Changed the folder structure to more of a traditional folder layout.  Also removed the setting to show current folder on top.
          • Update – Minor codes clean up and changes.
          • Fix – Fixed bug with the WPSOR plugin.
          • Fix – Fixed issue with TinyMce editor.

= Whats New in Version 3.6.3 =

          • Update – Changed the way post are handled if they have been deleted by a user.
          • Bug – Fixed issue when deleting a previous version of the file.
          • Bug – Fixed issue with the hiding of file attributes

= Whats New in Version 3.6.2 =

          • New – From setting menu can choose to hide the name of the file or the filename. You can not hide both if you select both only the filename will show.
          • Update – Changed the way a file’s version auto updates.
          • Update – Renamed a function from parse_size to mdocs_parse_size.
          • Update – Change the location of batch edit, batch move and batch delete.
          • Bug – Fixed issue with privacy settings.
          • Bug – Fixed issue with updating a file.
          • Bug – Removed the donate button from wordpress pages.

= Whats New in Version 3.6 =

          • New – Added a download button to the list of files
          • Update – File will now retain there name upon upload, the only exceptions will be if the file name already exists.
          • Update – Reorginized the setting page.
          • Update – Removed the new and updated badge on the file list and replaced it with a green background color or new and and blue background color for updated.
          • Update – By default file type icons are now disabled. You can go to the setting page to re enable them.
          • Update – Changed the way files are cleaned up after a mdocs process is run.
          • Update – Small update to the mdocs stylesheet.
          • Update – Updated the way a versioned file checks to see if it can be downloaded.
          • Update – Updated font awesome link.
          • Update – The new and updated label is now hidden by default, you can enable the label from the settings under Configuration Settings> UI Options > Hide New and Updated Label
          • Bug – Removed a variable dump from the previous version.
          • Bug – Fixed bug the caused files to disappear after openning them thanks to @norucus for finding this one.

= Whats New in Version 3.5.9 =

          • Bug – Date and time bug fixes.

= Whats New in Version 3.5.8 =

          • Update – Updated some text.
          • Bug – Made a change on how time is processed.
          • Bug – Changed a check point message.

= Whats New in Version 3.5.2 =

          • New – Added a setting to turn off sessions.
          • New – From the setting menu you can now hide the navbar.
          • New – From the setting menu you can now hide the sortbar.
          • New – Added a setting to control the mdocs post title.
          • Update – Added icon support for pptx files.
          • Update – System check show the upload dir.
          • Bug – Fixed issue with session data.
          • Bug – Fixed a placement of an error message.
          • Bug – Fixed issue with timezones.
          • Bug – Fixed issue with temp directory and trying to delete full folder.

= Whats New in Version 3.5.1 =

          • Update – Removed some debugging code.

= Whats New in Version 3.5 =

          • Fixed issue with batch upload
          • Tested up to verson 4.6.1
          • Other small bug fixes and updates.

= Whats New in Version 3.4.6 =

          • Bug – Fixed folder issue.
          • Bug – Fixed issue with image preview.
          • Bug – Minor bug fixes.

= Whats New in Version 3.4.5 =

          • Update – Removed some legacy css.
          • Bug – Fixed issue with tinymce.
          • Bug – Fixed issue with folders.

= Whats New in Version 3.4.4 =

          • Bug – Fixed issue with sub folder not displaying the right parent folder.
          • Bug – Added the nav menu back to the setting page, was removed by mistake.

= Whats New in Version 3.4.3 =

          • Update – Changed file structure.
          • Update – Changed the way options were being set.

= Whats New in Version 3.4.2 =

            • Feature – From the settings menu you can now turn off the file type icons.
            • Update – Code cleanup.
            • Bug – Fixed issue with a zero index in the ratings system.
            • Bug – Fixed issue with description removing line breaks.

= Whats New in Version 3.4.1 =

            • Feature – By default all Memphis Documents are hidden in the Media Dashboard. You have the ability to show them from the Settings menu under Hide Things.
            • Feature – Added a new server compatibility check, this check that a server has sessions enabled.
            • Update – Tested up to 4.5.2
            • Update – Changed some style settings.
            • Update – Rating a file can only be done by logged in users.
            • Update – Streamlined the preview/description code.
            • Update – Added new function get_the_mdoc_by, which which will remove redundant functions.
            • Update – Move some settings around, for a more uniform layout.
            • Update – Added closing div tags to the mdocs navbar.
            • Bug – Defined an undefined variable.
            • Bug – Fixed issue with viewing of private files.

= Whats New in Version 3.4 =

            • Update – Changed the right and permissions methodology.
            • Update – Bootstrap style updates.
            • Fix – Fixed issue with Site Origin plugin and Memphis Documents Library.
            • Fix – Fixed issue with contributors and downloading of files.
            • Fix – Fixed issue when added contributors.
            • Fix – Fixed issue with iris color pickers.

= Whats New in Version 3.3.4 =

            • Update – Localization language updates.
            • Update – Changed to the way batch file options are display. Now are hidden by default.
            • Update – Changed the look of the Server Compatibility Check administration page.
            • Update – Changed the look of the Short Codes administration page.
            • Update – Changed the look of the Find Lost Files administration page.
            • Update – Minor updates and fixes.
            • Update – Deleted unused file.
            • Fix – Fixed and issue where users that were not logged in could not see the preview button.

= Whats New in Version 3.3.3 =

            • Fix – Minor bug fixes and improvements.

= Whats New in Version 3.3.2 =

            • New – Added improved localization support.
            • New – Added the ability to hide upload settings. [megecookie]
            • New – Added the ability to show current folder on top of document list [megacookie]
            • Update – NL translation updated [ megacookie ]
            • Fix – Fixed issue with the loading of the java script for Color picker
            • Fix – Other small bug fixes

= Whats New in Version 3.3.1 =

            • New – Added the ability to change the navbar background color and text color from the Setting menu.
            • Update – Style updates.
            • Fixes – Bootstrap dropdown button.
            • Fixes – Minor bug fixes and updates.

= Whats New in Version 3.3 =

            • New – Batch file management.
            • New – Now you can set an future dates on all files and post just by changing the date to a future one.
            • New – Added an new server compatibility check.
            • New – Added the ability to download older versions of files.
            • Update – Changed when file is updated, now will only update when a new file has been uploaded.
            • Update – Condensed bootstrap to fix a lot of style issue with many users. This should fix a lot of style issues.
            • Fix – Fixed issue with Google preview counting as download.
            • Fix – Fix issue with preview was showing in drop down menu when it was disabled in settings.
            • Fix – Fixed issue with File System Cleanup.
            • Fix – Fixed issue with version deletion.
            • Fix – Minor bug fixes and updates.

= Whats New in Version 3.1 =

            • Fix – Fixed issue with downloads not registering.

= Whats New in Version 3.2 =

            • Update – Update to the localization files.
            • Fix – Minor bug fixes

= Whats New in Version 3.1.6 =

            • Fix – Removed method to destroy session, too many users with session issues.
            • Fix – Security fix

= Whats New in Version 3.1.5 =

            • Fix – Changed method to destroy session.
            • Fix – Fixed an issue with google docs preview.

= Whats New in Version 3.1.4 =

            • New – Added another setting for dropdown menu issue using bootstrap.
            • New – Added a new setting to hide a mDocs post from the main page.
            • New – Added a destory session on login or logout.
            • Update – Changed the displayed output of the preview windows, made the preview window bigger.
            • Update – Changed the way a session is initialized.

= Whats New in Version 3.1.3 =

            • Update – Remove bot checking.
            • Bug – Fixed issue with the goto post button.
            • Bug – Added a fix for Twenty Sixteen theme.
            • Bug – Fixed bug prevented Box View updater to run.

= Whats New in Version 3.1.2 =

            • Bug – Fixed bug prevented Box View updater to run.

= Whats New in Version 3.1.1 =

            • New – Now you have the choice to use Google Document Preview or Box View.
            • Update – Removed a redundant css file.
            • Bug – Fixed Page Builder bug.

= Whats New in Version 3.1 =

            • New – Added thumbnail image for PDFs using Imagick.
            • Update – Removed Box view and reverted back to Google doc view.
            • Update – Added another server compatibility check, to see if WordPress upload directory is accessible.
            • Update – Added another server compatibility check, to test if ZipArchive is installed.
            • Update – Added another server compatibility check, to see if Imagick is installed.
            • Update – Minor changes and updates.
            • Bug – Fixed localization bug which didn’t allow uploading files when using translations.

= Whats New in Version 3.0.18 =

            • Update – Tested up to version 4.4.
            • Bug – Data check added, to fix minor issue with contributors.
            • Bug – Fixed capitalization bug when using import from one system to another.

= Whats New in Version 3.0.17 =

            • Update – Changed the color of the ’Add Main Folder’ Button.
            • Bug – More fixes to folder issues
            • Bug – Minor bug fixes.

= Whats New in Version 3.0.16 =

            • New – Fontawesome can now be turn off as a third party applications.
            • Bug – More fixes to folder navigation.
            • Bug – Changes made to file management.

= Whats New in Version 3.0.15 =

            • New – There is a new setting that will allow you to disable Memphis Docuements Library’s third party applications.
            • New – Added cyrillic to latin filename conversion, this convert cyrillic to a latin format.
            • New – Added a setting to turn off the ”No files found in this folder.” statement.
            • Bug – Changes some code around to try and address the folder linking issues.

= Whats New in Version 3.0.14 =

            • Update – Removed some debugging code.

= Whats New in Version 3.0.13 =

            • Update – Change the way modals open, now using pure javascript.
            • Bug – Fixed a bug when adding and removing folders.
            • Bug – Small fix to the batch uploader.
            • Bug – Fixed issue with contributors not being adding when uploading a new document.
            • Bug – Fixed some permission issues.

= What’s New With Version 3.0 =

            • New – Added an new test to server compatibility
            • New – Added a server compatibility module, to see if you have all required elements for mDocs to work properly.
            • New – Now can disable the ablity for users to sort documents
            • New – A setting is avaiable to have the mDocs Posts visible from the dashboard.
            • New – Added a file finder, to help retrieve lost files.
            • New – Added a tag editor to the uploader for new/updated documents.
            • New – Change the font size of the documents list.
            • New – Hide/Show sub folders when using shortcodes.
            • New – Added to new setting for changing font size and hiding and showing sub folders.
            • New – Now other user types can upload files to mDocs, with the ability to add other contributors to the files they own.
            • New – Look and feel has been updated.
            • New – Thumbnails of most documents now on the description page of each file.
            • New – Google Doc View has been replaced with Box Viewer API, this allows for some extra functionality not available with Google Docs.
            • New – The ability to change the Last Modified category of a file.
            • New – Added an option in the Settings to change the date format.
            • New – The ability to allow/deny user types access to Private Posts.
            • New – In the setting menu you can now choose the allowed file types.
            • New – A restore defaults option has been added this will restore Memphis Documents Library to its factory state, *WARNING all files and post will be deleted*.
            • New – Added a new button for files to refresh document preview
            • Update – Now can run Preview and Thumbnail updater at any time.
            • Update – More changes made to the ”mdocs-modals” class style.
            • Update – Language update.
            • Update – Small changes to the main style sheets.
            • Update – Changed some rights to see certain buttons.
            • Update – Added a mDocs tag to the body for theme style issue fixes.
            • Update – Added a class to all modals called ”mdocs-modals”.
            • Update – Added a mDocs class to a Bootstrap dropdown menu
            • Update – Removed unused Jquery UI javascript and css
            • Update – Fixed Bootstrap navbar issue.
            • Update – Remove some unused Bootstrap functionality.
            • Update – Updated Font Awesome to version 4.3.0
            • Update – Updated localization files.
            • Update – Uninstall will not remove all saved variables , posts, files, categories, and directories for a single WordPress Site and also WordPress Multisite.
            • Update – Change the way date modified is handle, was using an array value now using file date modified attribute.
            • Update – Updated localization files.
            • Update – Change $autoload functionality from yes to no for mdocs-list and mdocs-cats database entries.
            • Update – Added a catch for versions that check if file exists
            • Update – Added a catch for file upload errors using php 5.3 and higher.
            • Update – Fixed Box View preview window.
            • Update – Many other small updates
            • Bug – More fixes to import and export.
            • Bug – Minor fixes to the social media buttons.
            • Bug – Fixed date issue.
            • Bug – More fixes to import and export.
            • Bug – Minor fixes to the social media buttons.
            • Bug – Fixed date issue.
            • Bug – File size bug fix.
            • Bug – Improvements to the import export processes.
            • Bug – Fixed Allowed file types bug.
            • Bug – Fixed the date isssue when adding and updating documents.
            • Bug – Fixed some style issues.
            • Bug – Fixed some other small bugs.
            • Bug – More fixes to the folder editor.
            • Bug – Fix to specific dropdown menu issue, made by Cameron Barrett
            • Bug – Fixes to imports and exports.
            • Bug – Fixes to File System Cleanup
            • Bug – Fixes to Restore to Defaults
            • Bug – More fixes to downloads.
            • Bug – fixed settings checkboxes for non member downloads and show social apps.
            • Bug – Fixed php error on rights page.
            • Bug – Fixed a null session error when uploading a file.
            • Bug – Fixed, admin menu issue
            • Bug – Fixed, null reference to ’mdocs-view-private’
            • Bug – Error with javascript loading, if using WordPress Multisite network admin.
            • Bug – Fixed issue where Post Status was not displaying any statuses.
            • Bug – Batch upload was cutting of filenames with dots in them.
            • Bug – Fixed bug causing new installs to produce errors, these errors would correct themselves but very annoying for users to see.
            • Bug – Removed extra label tag in sort box which was cause issues in Firefox.
            • Bug – Fixed, Chrome bug, where file types that are allowed in WordPress are being blocked by Memphis Documents Library.
            • Bug – Fixed, when there are multiple categories on a page the get request fails to recognize each individual category.
            • Bug – Fixed issue when you delete a file then tried to add another file.
            • Bug – Fixed many other warning and noticed.
            • Rejected – Short-code to add a download link to a post or page.

131 thoughts on “Memphis Documents Library

  1. Jason

    Can the FTP folder process show bold or red text upon error? I have a hard time seeing which files didn’t process when there are lots to do. See below for text of result after upload for successful and not successful.

    Processed File => PCR 2016.doc
    Mime Type Allowed => application/msword
    File Uploaded with No Errors.

    Processed File => TO DO
    Invalid Mime Type => Unable to process file.
    File Was Not Uploaded because an Error occured.

    1. Bhaldie Post author

      Max file size is determined by your server, more exactly your php.ini file.

      Add the below to the relevant php.ini file (recommended, if you have access). Note that for some hosts this is a system-wide setting. However, for hosts running PHP as a CGI script with suexec (for example) you may be able to put these directives in a php.ini file in your Drupal root directory.

      upload_max_filesize = 10M
      post_max_size = 10M

  2. Dave

    Can you please clarify the status of the Preview function? It seems the only one working now is for PDF documents. Did you stop supporting other file types? I now get the error “Sorry the file type you are trying to preview is unsupported” for a .doc file.
    Is it possible for me to utilize an alternative viewer (for example a Google viewer)?

  3. Angela


    I know that restricting access by role or group is a feature request currently (which sucks because I really it NOW)… but I could do a workaround and restrict access to the page by group, BUT…. if I insert the shortcode for category, it displays the full tree of files, so even if a user only has access to that one page, all they have to do is click a level higher and they can now access all the other files.

    Is there any way to turn this off? If I could just turn off the header part that shows the file directory structure, this would solve my problem for now. TIA!

    1. Bhaldie Post author

      if you goto the mdocs dashboard > Options > Settings > Configuration Settings > Hide Sub Folders Category Page checked should do what you are looking for.

  4. Tyler

    Hello! Great plugin, I am running into a plugin conflict and I was wondering if you’ve encountered it before. When I go to the dashboard to add a document, I get a weird glitch and then this error message: {“mdocs-categories”:null,”post-tags”:””,”gmdate”:”17-10-2017 19:52″}

    Here’s a screencast of what is happening:

    Any idea on how to fix? I tried to deselect the jQuery and backend bootstrap thinking that it’s a display issue.


  5. Alberto

    When trying to make some changes in the configuration, it gives me an error message, where it tells me that I do not have permissions to perform the operation.
    I am occupying wordpress 4.8.1

  6. Carlos Lander

    Hope anyone can jump in and thx in advanced,

    When I upload a file a Memphis file a post is generated it, uploading the file the folllowing error was produced
    Creating default object from empty value in /homepages/9/d673165264/htdocs/clickandbuilds/TotalImmersion/wp-content/plugins/memphis-documents-library/includes/mdocs-post-page.php on line 52.
    Does anyone have a clue on what’s going on?

    Many thanks,

    1. Bhaldie Post author

      what version of WordPress are you running and what version of mdocs are you running. It looks like your WordPress install is not creating the post type “mdocs-posts”.

  7. Pete


    I would like all editors to be able to change plugin settings. At the moment they can’t see the “Options” button. How could I achieve it?

    Thank you!

    1. Bhaldie Post author

      Currently admins are the only people that can edit mdocs settings. This is a feature request thou and I am working towards a solution.

  8. lisa

    Wonderful plugin.

    I’ve downloaded the latest version. Found out that the search option is not working.

    Also would be nice to have file indexing on it too.

    Great work guys. Awesome stuff.

    1. Bhaldie Post author

      Can you expand on search doesn’t work, just need a little more details so I can look into the issue better.

  9. vic

    Hi, can you help me to get the Box View Key, Because of the google API blocked in my country,thanks, and can you add the file search in this plugin.

    1. Bhaldie Post author

      Unfortunately the box view api is not longer accepting new registration, the only option for you is is google. As for file search it is already a feature using the built in WordPress search functionality.

  10. Kay

    I’ve installed the latest version 3.6.16 of Memphis documents library and I do not see it on the side admin menu.
    I’m running WordPress 4.7.2.

        1. Bhaldie Post author

          Hmm very weird. The first place to start would be to disable all plugins and see if that helps.

          If that doesn’t help then try to change your theme to a WordPress default theme.

          Let me know if any of these things help. If they do also let me know what plugin or theme is causing the conflict, and I can debug the problem better.

    1. Bhaldie Post author

      there is no one button way to do this yet, but it is possible. If you goto mdocs dashboard > Options > Settings > Dashboard Options > and make sure Show Memphis Posts Menu is check. This will open a new menu in the dashboard called mDocs Posts. From there you can turn off comments like you do any other post or page.

  11. Louie

    hi, i have installed this plugin and upload 3 files which i name when i uploaded them. I use a shortcake to at the folder to a page. all 3 files show in the download table and i can download them but the I cant get the file name or name to show up in the name column… it just empty. Any suggestions?

      1. Louie

        Firstly my apologies for my appalling message, i was very tired when i wrote it. It should have read:

        hi, i have installed this plugin and uploaded 3 files, which i have named whilst i uploaded them in to the doc library. I used a shortcode to display all items and another to display a single folder on 2 separate wordpress pages. All 3 files show in the download table and i can download them but the I cant get the file name or name to show up in the name column… it just empty, so you can’t tell what the download file is. Any suggestions?

        To answer your question:
        “swimmer 1” and the file name is “swimmer_1”. the other two are “swimmer 2” and “swimmer 3”.

        1. Bhaldie Post author

          can you goto mdocs settings>Configuration Settings> UI Options> what is the status of these options:

          Hide Name
          Hide File Name

          1. Bhaldie Post author

            looks like your font size is set to 0px.

            Check your mdocs options>settings>Document List Font Size and change the value to 16px then save.

          2. Louie


            checked and the font size was set to 14, changed it to 16 and also set the option to override post text size to 16 too. no change.

          3. Bhaldie Post author

            then it is a problem with your themes style, it is making the a tags font size 0px. Take a look at line 16 of our style.css file you will see a font: inherit; and also a font-size: 100%; these lines are causing the problem.

  12. Nestor

    As there is no way of referring to a single memphis document via short code (so far), I have been using a work around, by inserting a link to files in posts/pages via the media button (just like one would insert pictures in posts/pages).
    Up until Memphis ver. 3.16.12 this seemed to work.
    However, after Memphis ver. 3.6.13 update was applied, I now get the following error:

    You don’t have permission to access /wp/wp-content/uploads/mdocs/…. on this server.

    I have confirmed that the /mdocs/ folder rights are: 755
    The files within the mdocs folder are: 644

    Any other ideas on what may be causing this?

    1. Bhaldie Post author

      The 3.6.13 update was a minor update and had no changes made to file upload or viewing. Did something else change on your server? What version of WordPress are you using?

      On a side note you should have never been able to access files that way, it should always have produced a 500 error.

      1. 5b4ahz

        Yes, you are right. After downgrading to the .12 version I tested it out again, and indeed, I got the same error, so went back to .13 again. (I am using WordPress 4.6.1, however I only just noticed that the hosting provider is providing us with php 5.4.42)

        From your message I gather that it is normal operation to be receiving this message?
        I thought that since the files are presented in the media gallery, I could use them…
        If we can not use them this way, is there a way to do so, or will we need to wait for a possible development of this feature from your end?

        1. Bhaldie Post author

          I would suggests that you uses one of two options both can be found by using the share button.

          1. The first is the “Download Page” which will redirect users to the mdocs post page
          2. The second is the “Direct Download” which when the user clicks this link will allow them to download the file without leaving the current page they are on.

          You can also when you are creating a post press the add link button and then press the cog button and screen for the mdocs post page.

          1. 5b4ahz

            Hi again, many thanks for your help.

            The “Download Page” is an option yes, however with many documents and folders, it’s not very practical to redirect users to search for a document there.

            The “Direct Download” seems to be a valid work around, even though it adds an additional step in the download process.
            For now I guess it will do, and hopefully sometime in the near future, a possible shortcode may be developed.

            Again, thanks for you help and support !!

  13. Nestor

    Is there a shortcode with which a specific document can be referenced within a post, presenting the document type icon (e.g. pdf), as well as the document size (eg. (xxxMB)), together with the document name?

    1. Bhaldie Post author

      There is no shortocode to do that currently, I will add it to the feature list and try to get to it as soon as possible.

  14. PAulo Meireles

    Hi there, i love you plugin.
    For now i have two problems.
    You can tell how i hide defition menu from user’s?
    I’m from Portugal, and I can not upgrade after version 3.6.6, because i made the translation to * .mo and * .po file and after this version the plugin does not read, can you help, please?

    1. Bhaldie Post author


      Im not sure this is the answer for the first question, I don’t know what the definition menu is. But I think you mean description. If you goto mdocs dashoborad Options>Settings>Configuration Settings>Document Post Page Settings and uncheck the “Show Description Tab”.

      For your second issue please use this method for translations:

      then import your .po file.

      I will then give you editor rights to modify and approve for Portuguese translations.


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