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Jailbreak with a Slide of your Finger

Got an iPhone, want to jailbreak it.  This could possibly be the fastest and easiest way yet.  Comex has released a html based jailbreak application found here, which has the ability to jailbreak any iPhone from a 1G to the new 4G all with just a slide of your finger.  Below is a video by alexosh1234 demoing the simplcity of the application.  Enjoy 🙂

Piggeez Now on the iPhone

3D Reflex is proud to announce the release of Piggeez for the iPhone.

Bank as many coins as you can in this race against the clock. Raise your earnings by banking multiple coins at once, but don’t get too greedy, or you’ll get locked out of the safe!

Move the coloured coins so they are above the appropriately coloured piggy banks. To rearrange any two coins, simply touch them one at a time. To bank the coins, you will need to touch the piggy banks below, but remember, you will need at least 2 of the same colour at the bottom of the row. The higher you stack the columns, the more money you will make when you bank. Don’t get too greedy or you will run out of room. If one of your columns is getting too high, use a hammer to smash the piggy bank and clear the entire column. To use a hammer, simply touch the hammer icon followed by the piggy bank you would like to smash.