Suspect Apprehension Pursuit

SAP is a basic refresher-training course that focuses on pursuit regulations and techniques based upon the Ontario Police Service Act’s Suspect Apprehension Pursuits Regulation. It provides a review of basic pursuit training, current pursuit regulations and provides an overview of various pursuit situations.

The course consists of eight lessons, most of which are presented as tutorials followed by practice quizzes to test the students’ understanding of the lesson. Two lessons also contain animated movies that illustrate various techniques officers use to pursue and stop a vehicle.

The regulation itself is presented as a missing-word game where students gain or lose points depending on their understanding of the regulation. This is done so as to encourage the students to read the regulation carefully.

The course concludes with a final exam that provides students with a self-test of their knowledge. The exam can be repeated as often as desired, each time with some different questions randomly selected from the lesson quizzes.

This course was produced for the Justice Knowledge Network, a five-year research and development project to develop e-learning for Canadian police forces.

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