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WoW Realm Status

My lasted World of Warcraft mod/addon was completed recently. I decided to make it because I had just gotten back from Adobe Max in San Francisco, and wanted to make something using Adobe AIR and figured a Realm Status app would be pretty cool.

I used 2 Adobe produces I had never used before for this application, one begin AIR and the other being Flex. I must say Flex is very easy to use, I definitely liked it…. but I still like Flash, maybe because I’ve used it for so long, I’m just more confortable with it. Anyway my experience was good with both AIR and Flex and I would definitely use them both again.


WoW Realm Status is a desktop application that monitors the Blizzard realm status rss feed and notifies you when the status of your watched realms have changed.

You can be notified in 2 ways with a Pop-up Window on your desktop informing you that your realm status has changed and with E-mail notification with the same information.

WoW Realm Status minimizes to the system tray for a lower profile when in use.


WoW Realm Status uses Adobe Air 1.5 Runtime Enviroment, to use WoW Realm Status you must first have Adobe Air 1.5 Installed, you can find Adobe Air 1.5 here it is a free download and the file is is about 15MB.

You must also be connected to the internet for status updates to occur, but if your playing WoW I assume you have an internet connection.

If you are interested in WoW Realm Status it can be found here.