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WoW Realm Status

My lasted World of Warcraft mod/addon was completed recently. I decided to make it because I had just gotten back from Adobe Max in San Francisco, and wanted to make something using Adobe AIR and figured a Realm Status app would be pretty cool.

I used 2 Adobe produces I had never used before for this application, one begin AIR and the other being Flex. I must say Flex is very easy to use, I definitely liked it…. but I still like Flash, maybe because I’ve used it for so long, I’m just more confortable with it. Anyway my experience was good with both AIR and Flex and I would definitely use them both again.


WoW Realm Status is a desktop application that monitors the Blizzard realm status rss feed and notifies you when the status of your watched realms have changed.

You can be notified in 2 ways with a Pop-up Window on your desktop informing you that your realm status has changed and with E-mail notification with the same information.

WoW Realm Status minimizes to the system tray for a lower profile when in use.


WoW Realm Status uses Adobe Air 1.5 Runtime Enviroment, to use WoW Realm Status you must first have Adobe Air 1.5 Installed, you can find Adobe Air 1.5聽here it is a free download and the file is is about 15MB.

You must also be connected to the internet for status updates to occur, but if your playing WoW I assume you have an internet connection.

If you are interested in WoW Realm Status it can be found here.

Recommended Level

Recommended Level, was my most successful WoW mod, today it is still being used and maintained by other users of the World of Warcraft community. Well I was in control of Recommended Level it was probably download close to 500,000 times by users all of the world!!

It definitely feels good to have that kind of success!! 馃檪


Displays a color coded zone ranage for the current zone you are in:路 Green: Prefect for you
路 Yellow: Almost ready for you
路 Red: Too high for you
路 Gray: Too low for you

Also the tooltip gives you a quick reference, on what levels are good for you, and wheather or not there is any instances in that zone.

World map also has this information, when rolling over zones you will get the level range for the zone and if there is any instances in that zone.

Bringing Up the UI Window:
Right Click on Recommend Level or type聽/brlconfig to open the config menu or if your using MyAddons you can get to the menu through there.

路 Show Zone you are in the zone frame
路 UI Window type ‘/brlconfig’
路 myAddOns compatible
路 Control position of tooltip (left/right, top/bottom)
路 Hide or Show Frame
路 Hide or Show Tooltip
路 Hide or Show Map Text
路 Alpha fade the border to desired shade.
路 French Translation: Done by聽Corwin Whitehorse thanks.
路 German Translation: Done by聽GermanWraith and聽Farook thank guys.
路 SpanishTranslation: Done by聽Nekromant thanks.

Additional Notes:
If you are loggin on to the game and you are located inside an inn the information given is not correct. When you leave the inn the information will be update to the correct stats.


BhaldieInfoBar was a Titan Panel alternative I made, it had limited success, Titan Panel was the number one Panel and聽probably聽still is and BiB (short for BhaldieInfoBar) just could compete with that powerhouse.聽

Anyway BiB did okay I ported over about 100 Titan panel addons and created a website to host the ported addons, before BiB was retired near the start of the second year of WoW. 聽Modding was fun, and I got to learn a new scripting language in the process too LUA, oh sweet LUA!! 聽

BiB and BhaldieMoveIT had about 200,000 downloads between the 2 of them. 聽It was no MonkeyQuest thou, shout outs to my bhuddy!! aka Trentin aka Dudicle aka 8haldie!!


BhaldieInfoBar is a Titan Panel offshoot, the difference is that BhaldieInfobar autoscales the bar
according to the UI Scale and/or screen resolution you use, this means your plugins will never
run off the screen now matter what UI Scale you are using. BhaldieInfoBar has the functionality
to make two rows of plugins right now, next version will incorporate a multi-row functionality. Some
of the options of BhaldieInfobar are:


路 Change the XP bar into a Reputaion Bar
路 Saved Profiles
路 Autohide the bar
路 Volume Control, which is a altered version of Titan Volume2. Rightclicking on the BM Logo will bring up volume control
路 Either Left justify or Center the plugins on the bar
路 Hide/Show all default plugins icons or labels
路 Option to reset all setting to default
路 Hide/Show BM Logo
路 Compatiable with CT_UnitFrames, Gypsy_UnitBars, DiscordUnitFrames
路 Auto size infobar to any screen resolution or UI scale
路 Ability to have a maxium of 6 rows of plugins.
路 Invert infobar to bottom of screen
路 Per character saved variables for plugin position and enabling/disabling.
路 BhaldieInfobar (default plugins)
路 Infobar Alpha fade.
路 Change spacing of plugins width
路 Change font size of plugins
路 Change size of XP Bar width
路 Hide xp bar
路 Click on the bm logo or type /bmconfig to open UI Menu
路 Added and Updated ported titan plugins:

Here is the link to one of the mod sites I uploaded it to wowui

BhaldieMoveIT:Perfect Flexbar Companion

Back in the day, I dabbled in WoW mods this is the first one I did, I no longer maintain it which is the case for all of my WoW mods. 聽World of Warcraft was or is a great game I just got bore of it 馃檨


BhaldieMoveIT for World of Warcraft is a perfect Flexbar companion. This mod breaks up many components on the UI interface and makes them moveable. This is very useful with Flexbar because you can put your buttons wherever you want, and move or disable the other UI components to match your Flexbar setup, not the other way around.

路 Type聽/bmconfig聽to open UI menu
路 Disable/Enable and Moveable Bag Bar.
路 Disable/Enable and Moveable Charter Mini Bar.
路 Disable/Enable and Moveable Pet Bar.
路 Disable/Enable Default Action Menu.
路 Disable/Enable and Moveable Bag Status Bar.
路 Disable/Enable and Moveable Shape Shift Bar.
路 Disable/Enable and Moveable Cast Bar.
路 Moveable Bags, Option to turn off or on.

Here is the link to one of the mod sites I uploaded it to聽wowui

Virtual Worlds, Virtually Anything is Possible

Below is a short movie I created (Movies aren’t my specialty). This movie was created for VDI for a presentation at the 2008 Modsim World Conference in September, the topic of the presentation was the importance of Virtual Worlds in learning and how they can be used as a tool for educators.

The movie was shown as a intro piece to grab the audiences attention to kick off the presentation. So sit back, relax and enjoy the show!!!

Can you guess where the music is from !!